Relationship (238)

19 01 2011

I’ve fallen a little behind in my posts.  I have a bunch of pictures from a recent trip to the zoo that I am trying to get ready to post.

Here is one of some of the elephants we saw.  It took me a while to get this one just right, but I think I’m finally there.


Interaction (158)

4 01 2011

This was a rare moment between my daughter and my dog.  Recently, it seems like Simon (the dog) is stealing food or trying to make D crazy.  Or D is torturing Simon (I do feel bad for him and hope he’s willing to stay with us in a few weeks when we bring another child home.).

In this picture I was able to capture the two of them interacting happily.  I think Simon is licking D’s finger, but she is having a great time helping him do it.

I did blur the background of this shot to place more emphasis on the interaction and less on the chaos in the background.

Floor (109)

4 01 2011


In my house, the floor is so much more than what we walk on.  It also serves as a place to play, color, do art projects, play doh, etc.  My daughter loves to find some place on the floor to settle in for some kind of project.  In this picture, she is doing a castle floor puzzle she received over the holidays.

Self Portrait (257)

1 01 2011

I thought I would start off with my “self portrait” as I thought it would be a good way to introduce myself.  To me a self-portrait defines who you are.  And right now this is who I am (just under 33 weeks pregnant).

Happy New Year

1 01 2011


I wish I could say this was my own image, but it’s not.  It’s courtesy of  I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year (and try to clear up any problems with viewing my blog.)  Hopefully, this will do the trick.